• Standard


    from 3300 ₽/night

    A great option if you come to our city for just a couple of days and plan to spend more time walking through the medieval streets of Vyborg, parks and the castle itself, and return to the hotel only to relax after an active day.

    The best option for budget savings!

  • Improved


    from 3800 ₽

    The classic number in our list. It has everything you need for a comfortable and long-term stay at the hotel "Friendship". We remind you of the beautiful view from the windows of the pond located near the hotel.

    A solution for those who love comfort.

  • Luxury


    from 6900 ₽/night

    You definitely like to enjoy life. It's not just a number anymore. This is practically an entire apartment in the center of Vyborg with a great view of the bay. Here you can plunge into the romance of Paris, enjoy the comfort of Rome, visit Cairo or Tokyo.

    The best option for budget savings.

  • President


    from 8500 ₽/night

    Yes, we have something to surprise you with. Luxury is a distinctive feature of this room. An ideal place for comfortable living, negotiations and business meetings. Respectable furniture, the perfect combination of elegance, convenience and style.

    Only the view from space is more gorgeous.



    Are there those among us who like to relax in the sauna? If yes, then you are here. Plan your vacation time now.



    A pleasant place. First-class bartenders. Great drinks. Great atmosphere.



    A quiet and peaceful place where delicious dishes are served, designed by the best chef.